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Flex Student Athlete Program

Hello Middle School FLEX Families,

As we begin this school year I want to share some important information regarding our FLEX program.  I have also attached a copy of the FLEX Handbook for your review and sign-off on important documents.  We will have a formal FLEX meeting in September at MMS.  If you are not interested in participating in the FLEX program please let me know.  See the information below about scheduling, academic monitoring, and training. 


  • Students are scheduled in Core Academics in periods 1-4 (English, History, Math, and Science).  They are scheduled in 5th period PE & Spanish with an elective for 6th period (only for quarters 1 and 4). 
  • Beginning 2nd Quarter and ending after the 3rd quarter, students will have long-term Independent Study for PE and Spanish.  Students will attend 5th period PE/Spanish on Mondays and Tuesdays during the Winter Season.  For period 6, students will remain in the MMS MPR and will have Mr. Hensley as their 6th-period Teacher on Mondays and Tuesdays.  If students need or want English or Math support, they are welcome to attend 6th-period intervention for those subject areas on Wednesdays through Fridays.  Students have the option of maintaining their 6th-period Elective course and that decision needs to be made at the start of the 2nd quarter (October 31st).
  • Students are not required to complete a PE activity log for course credit during Long Term Independent Study.  MMS Staff will collect training information from MMSST and use that as evidence of completion.  The program requires 90 hours of physical activity which will be met easily.  Students may continue to take Spanish Online through Edgenuity or discontinue the course.  This is an individualized decision that families can make for their students.  
  • Band students that need to attend 6th period with Mr. Hammers should communicate with Mr. Alvarado so that a 5th period class assignment can be assigned for the student to attend.  
  • Student Injuries - If your student is injured and is unable to participate in the program, you can contact the MMS main office to make individualized arrangements for your child.


Academic Monitoring:

  • Students are required to meet the GPA requirements to continue training (2.75 GPA required).  
  • If students need specific subject matter support, they will schedule that time with their assigned subject matter Teacher and may attend Math or English Intervention courses during 6th period.  This needs to be communicated to MMSST coaches and students can make MMS Office staff aware so a communication effort can be made.  


School and training weekly schedule:









12:45 on minimum days













Mountain Training

Mountain Training

Mountain Training

*Students are required to leave campus at 12:31 Wednesday-Friday. The only exception will be band students. Band students must check in with the main office.*

Dryland training:  MMSA will provide a coach for dryland training on November 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 9th, and 10th.  

Minimum Day Tuesdays (MDT):  The District is returning to Minimum Day Tuesdays for our professional development and staff meetings.  Please review the District instructional calendar or the MMS Events website calendar for these days.  Students are released at 11:18 pm on MDT. 

COVID Protocols:  The FLEX Program will be regulated by the MUSD Athletic Program protocols.  Authorization for Antigen testing is highly recommended and the forms for authorization will be given to your student-athlete for your consent. 

FLEX Parent Meeting:  September 21, 2022 at 5:00pm - 6:00pm in Room 1.

This information is also available on our school website under the Parents tab then select FLEX Program.  We wish all of our student-athletes the best of luck with their competitions.

Best regards,

Mr. Alvarado