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Students » 2017-2018 School Supplies

2017-2018 School Supplies

The following is a list of requested school supplies by subject. 
6th Grade Math
One inch-3-ring binder 
Single subject notebook with holes (to put in binder)
Folder with holes (to put in binder)
graph paper
10 clear sheet protectors
2 (or more) dry erase EXPO markers
Ear buds
7th Grade Math
Your name needs to be on Everything! All supplies are due Friday 8/18/2017
5 separate single subject spiral notebooks (these need to be separate notebooks, as you will be turning one in while working on another)
Several glue sticks (the average student needs 1 per quarter)
Headphones or earbuds
At least two pencils-mechanical preferred **All work must be done in PENCIL! Papers will not be accepted if work is done in pen.
Several dry erase markers
Big eraser
2 colored pens (any color)
1 highlighter 
8th grade Math/Algebra 1 Supply List
**If you are in both math classes, you will need 2 composition books, one for each class.
3 ring binder
3 packs of 3 hole College Lined filler paper. No spirals ever.
Composition book: 9 3/4" x 7 1/2" 100 sheets, college lined preferred
2 fine point dry erase pens (different colors)
Writing tools: pencils, 3 highlighters (pink, yellow and blue), and one ink pen for correcting.
glue stick
Calculator- Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS (not required, but recommended
Book cover- I prefer a brown paper bag. The stretchy ones just don't cut it. You will need this before books are assigned.
$1.00 for a dry erase eraser. I will collect within the first week of school 
** Graph paper will be provided when needed. All work is done on lined paper or worksheet. 
6th Grade Core 
1 1/2" 3 ringed binder for history
1 1/2" 3 ringed binder for reading
1 composition book or spiral notebook
Homework folder
White lined paper
2" square sticky notes "Post It" notes
Pens: black or blue ink and a red pen for correcting daily
School planner
glue stick 
colored pencils
7th Grade Core (Orozco)
2 Single subject spiral notebooks (1 history, 1 ELA)
1 Durable 2 pocket folder
Pink, yellow, blue and green highlighters
2 composition notebooks
7th Grade Core (Blossom)
2- 1 1/2 3 ring binders
2 packages college lined loose-leaf paper
dividers for binders
1 composition notebook
3- 3 prong folders with pockets
2-1 subject notebooks
2 dry erase markers
Pencils with extra erasers
Mini hand held pencil sharpener with lid
Pack of multi-colored highlighters
3 Elmer's glue bottle (preferred)/ sticks (purchase to have enough for the school year
A pencil case for easy supply storage is recommended
8th Grade Core 
Pencils and colored pencils
Lined paper
Highlighter pens
2 spiral 1 1/2" 3 ring binders
Composition notebook
Glue sticks
earbuds or headphones
6th Grade Science
One 3 subject spiral bound notebook (like a Mead 5 star) with plastic cover
pencils or pens
pack of colored pencils
glue stick
7th Grade Science
1 1/2" or 2" three ring binder
Lots of lined paper
Mrs. Vanko will supply all other supplies. 
8th Grade Science
5 packs of 50 3X5 index cards with lines (250 total)
Black, Blue and Red pens
Black Sharpie
Book cover (stretchable)
100 sheets lined notebook paper