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"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."
Thomas Jefferson

I have had the privilege of teaching 8th grade language arts and US History to Mammoth youth for just shy of 10 years! Prior to my current placement, I taught multiple years in third and fifth grades at Mammoth Elementary School and also spent a year at Sierra High School. Prior to my tenure in Mammoth, I worked as a teacher in southern California. I am close to a twenty year veteran teacher and absolutely love my job. My undergraduate degrees from UC Irvine prepped me for a life of teaching and I am currently working on my masters in adolescent literacy. In addition to my life as a teacher, I am also the mother of three fantastic kids who bring me incredible joy. My passions include the great outdoors - from skiing and snowboarding to hiking, biking, and paddle boarding and everything in between. Although it's rare I have free time to perform, one of my favorite activities is performing on stage!

My mission statement for my students is for them to become proficient readers and writers, to appreciate and understand quality works of literature and to apply their literacy skills with all texts. In social studies, I desire my students to read and write like historians, to value primary sources of information and house this knowledge to understand the world around them and how we got here.